Data Migration
Data migration is an extremely challenging task faced by many organizations that embark upon the task of replacing legacy systems or when they upgrade to higher version of the existing system.
While system upgrade requires data migration to handle changes to data model, unmatched data types, different character sets, normalization & de-normalization of database tables, data migration in case of application migration or legacy system replacement is more complex in nature as data is stored in entirely different structures which make simple data transfer impossible.
Our migration experts will bring their vast experience to the table and enable a risk free data migration.
Challenges in data migration are:
Legacy data can include database records, text files& spreadsheets. All such data formats need to be migrated to new system.
Data cleansing is the process of preparing the right data for migration to new system. Legacy data often does not meet the criteria set by the new system, and must be modified prior to migration. Data cleansing process manipulates and cleans the legacy data so that it migrated to new system.
Data migration can involve entering the data manually, moving disk files, database inserts, developing software, or any other methods. The method used depends entirely on the systems involved and the nature of the data being migrated.
Data volume also plays a major role in successfully migrating data. Sometimes, such huge volumes of data will be migrated over multiple cycles to improve the performance of data migration and reduce the risks involved.