Application Transformation
Transformation of legacy systems is done to enhance performance & usability and reduce TCO. It also reduces or eliminates related risks such as system availability, unexpected down-time, system crash and maintainability.

At Arbiva, we enable you to address issues with legacy systems such as diverse technology platforms, high maintenance costs, unsupported versions of software, lack of skilled resources / integration capabilities and web capabilities with our Application Transformation services.

With our in depth knowledge of executing large Transformation projects, we help you to align IT with your business needs providing key services including business process management, architecture, design & development, data migration and deployment.

Our application transformation services help to transform legacy systems to enhance flexibility and greater service offerings.

Our team will closely work with your IT leaders to understand the nuances and vagaries of legacy systems to provide Transformation methods such as Web enablement, re-engineering and new development.

Application Transformation also can be extended to provide reengineering and enhancements to improve the performance of the legacy applications and make them scalable for better usability and increase user productivity. Reengineering and enhancement services include:
Legacy system code enhancement and / or optimization
Architectural changes for adding integration capabilities
Design level changes for making the system modular and easy to maintain
Data model changes and database reengineering
This will help our customer to:
Bring convergence
Enhance customer experience
Improve revenue
Maximize Operational efficiency
Business agility and flexibility