Application Management
Organizations, over a period of time, build and deploy applications to cater to their business and IT needs. These applications built using different technologies, along with middleware platforms, become very critical to the organization in terms of availability and dependability. It becomes difficult to maintain and manage such systems due to dependency on diverse technology platforms and limited skilled resources.
Arbiva provides you with Application Management services for maintenance and streamlining of such applications with better control and utilization.
Through our Application Management services we help you to
enhance performance and life of your systems by periodic health checks
reduce system downtime
focus on strategic initiatives by minimizing the time spent on routine activities

Our services include:
Application Operations & Production Support
Arbiva will deploy dedicated Operations team to monitor your applications 24x7 for availability, performance, batch monitoring and management. In addition, Application Operations team will do incident management such as incident recording, initial investigation of issues (L1 support); escalation to next level support team (L2 & L3 support), closure and reporting. Managing the application servers (Websphere, Weblogic, JBoss, Tomcat, etc) for ensuring optimal performance of the applications, managing & load balancing for high usage is managed by Application Operations team.
Our dedicated Production Support team will perform detailed analysis of the incidents, carry out Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for preventing repeat occurrence of incidents and establish a process for dealing with issues that are similar in nature. In addition, our Production Support team will be responsible for deploying fixes as per the release calendar.
Release and Change Management
Our RCM team will set up of test environments, manage activities such as planned releases, hot-fix releases, build and code deployment. They will own the release calendar and configuration management activities including tools administration.
Database Administration and Support
Our team of senior DBAs will make sure that the underlying database for each application is periodically audited for data security, integrity, perform database backups as per defined calendar (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly) and keep a well planned and tested data recovery mechanism for restoration of data, where needed. Capacity planning of databases through regular monitoring of data growth, archival, purging and decisions for adding storage space, hardware enhancements are key activities that will be owned by this team. In addition, this team will ensure the high availability of databases by performing regular maintenance activities (Index rebuilding, table and schema reorganization, etc).